Real Estate Litigation

At David A. Sears we provides qualified, experienced legal representation for either side of a real estate dispute.

We are here to assist with the following:

  • Appeals – David A. Sears has mastered the art of appellate advocacy. After 23 years of appellate experience, he has insight into the meticulous distinctions, subtle nuances and guiding principles required to successfully litigate your real estate appeal.

  • Boundary disputes and quiet title actions – Our seasoned attorneys represent you in boundary disputes and prosecute quiet title claims.

  • Breach of contract – Retaining our real estate litigation lawyers in Poughkeepsie provides you with tenacious representation in your real estate purchasing disagreements, landlord-tenant disputes, property damage matters and more.

  • Cooperative and condominium disputes – Our Dutchess County attorneys have a highly successful record of resolving these types of disagreements.

  • Injunctive relief and declaratory judgment actions – We petition the court for injunctive relief on your behalf in your quest for declaratory judgment.

  • Mortgage disputes and foreclosures – Our real estate attorneys are highly experienced in handling disputes over default status and other mortgage issues.

  • Rescission and reformation – Rescission is an equitable remedy the courts may use to restore the parties to their pre-contract status. Reformation allows for modifications to the original agreement, but not the creation of an entirely new agreement.

  • Shareholder derivative action – The law office of David A. Sears successfully represents either management or shareholders when the two factions disagree.

  • Specific performance – We use a specific performance action to compel the other party to honor the terms of their agreement with you.